Why You Should Hire a Marquee for Your Corporate Event

Your colleagues at the office have worked really well for the quarter. The time for the corporate dinner is finally here and the need for an event management team is seen. The task is simple: design an event per the company standards that has all the facilities available for the hierarchy to let loose and just enjoy themselves.

Corporate events are not necessarily limited to four walls. There are several ways you can have the event outside near a good view. You can even have the event on your office building’s rooftop. Companies are moving away from restricting their employees inside closed spaces simply because you can bond more if you are outside. Corporate events are a way for the lower end employees to get to know their bosses outside of the cubicle.

And what better way than to have a marquee to showcase the company’s hospitality to the employees as well as the outside guests. There are several reasons as to why you should hire a marquee for your corporate event and some of them are listed below.


The first and foremost benefit of hiring a marquee is that it is far less expensive than renting out a building to hold your event. Marquees are basically tents that need to be set up to protect you from the sunlight or from any other natural hazards that might occur on the event date. They provide both the feeling of being in a closed and secure space as well as require less money to set up.

This way, you can spend the rest of the event budget on things like an open bar, servers and a good menu.

Is not Restricted by Location:

Whether the corporate event is near the edge of a hill or in a large vineyard, a marquee is not restricted by space. Companies are moving away from traditional locations and moving more towards open spaces that stimulate the brain and provide a good ambience. Imagine having a corporate dinner near a large, open, grassy meadow. You can not only sit inside the tent, but also venture out to roam around the area.

This is a great opportunity for you to get to know your employees. Take the people you work with or see around in your company and begin asking them about more than just their jobs. This is how employees take ownership. All of this is only possible if you pick the right location and the right marquee to go along with it.

Full Control of how the event looks:

When you hire a marquee, you get the chance to make changes to the event design to suit it to the company’ standards. A marquee lets you to carefully pick everything you want. You can pick what kind of floor you want, what kind of decoration you need and what kind of bar that will help

build the mood. You can ensure that the best carpets are laid out for special guests. You can even order to make a special area for any large products that you want to put on display.

The way an event looks and feels is key to making it successful. The importance of creating an atmosphere is too much to let it slide by because with the atmosphere, you get ownership of the company hand in hand. An employee working with all their heart is what most companies are after nowadays. And they have identified that employees are most productive once they feel connected with who they are working for.

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