Why You Should Add a Bar to Your Wedding Marquee

Open bars in a wedding ceremony are growing in trend these days. More and more couples are thinking of adding a bar to their wedding marquee that provides the necessary drinks to keep their guests under the right mood. It’s an addition to the itinerary that gets people excited and interested.

The bar should include several choices so that everyone’s taste is catered to. A typical bar includes 2 or 3 beer choices, 2 or 3 wine choices and the basic liquors. These could be bourbon, whiskey gin, vodka and of course tequila. Ask any bar handler and they’ll tell you how these are the most sought-after drinks at wedding parties or any other formal gathering.

There are two kinds of bars that you can add to your wedding. There is the open bar where anyone can take a drink anytime they like. The negative side to this type of bar setup is that you are the one bearing all the expenses of all the drinks. The second scenario is where the people attending the wedding pay for their own tabs. There is the movable bar where you will find elegantly dressed waiters bringing you your drinks. Imagine the kind of atmosphere that’ll create.

People most often go for the open bar because it’s kind of rude to make guests worry about paying for drinks. Another benefit of having a bar is that people get a chance to let loose and enjoy a party. Everyone has stressful lives nowadays and this wedding could be the perfect time to just be in the moment and enjoy. Friends and family members come together to celebrate the marriage of the two cutest people in their lives. Drinks add to experience and therefore are a key factor to consider for a wedding marquee.

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