The 5 Best Uses For a Marquee

Getting a marquee for your wedding and having it outdoors might seem like a risky idea but it’s what is trending these days. People no longer wish to go to an old Church building and have to sit for hours doing nothing before the bride arrives. Wedding Marquees are the next big idea that is being implemented around the world, especially when it comes to destination of weddings.

Marquees look beautiful. Imagine several layers of white cloth swaying with the breeze. The entire place is covered with fresh flowers and the aroma around you takes your breath away. You entering on a red carpet and friends and family rise up to welcome you to the special day. The entire scene is nothing short of a dream and the marquee just adds to the whole dream-like setting.

Best 5 Uses for Marquee:

1. You Get a View:

Most couples go for marquees simply because they get to choose which view they wish to spend their special day next to. A beautiful view from the marquee itself can greatly enhance the experience of your guests. The view allows for the couple to make the wedding day especially memorable and different than other weddings. A wedding marquee is preferred for this purpose the most.

2.Less Restriction on Number of Guests:

Choosing a marquee means you can have it as big as you want. The marquee is used primarily for the purpose of accommodating as many guests as possible. No need to worry about that friend from years ago or that family member you were going to cut from the guest list. Now you have enough room to call as many people as you wish and that is one use of marquees that is popular.

3.You Get to Choose When It Ends:

Wedding parties can last for a long period of time especially those with a dance floor and some music. Marquees allow you to choose when the wedding will end because you own the whole venue for the whole day. This means more dancing, singing, drinking and just being yourselves for the most special day of your lives.

4. No Restriction on Venue:

The venue you decide can be the top of a hill or near a lake. Marquees can be set up just about anywhere you wish so long as the contractor understands what you want it to look like. No restrictions on the location means couples can now customize their weddings to look different and more interesting than most other weddings.

5. Budget Friendly:

By using a marquee, you get to lessen the burden on your pocket. The primary expenses of the day are on the food, decorations, drinks, dress and the like. By selecting a marquee and using it near a location, you can reduce the expenses by 3 times its original amount. That’s a great deal because who wants to have a zero balance in their bank account after a wedding.

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