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We are based in York but we cover all of Yorkshire and a 80 mile surrounding area! We are the best quality and best price marquee hire company in the area. We have a wide selection of marquees ready for any type of event. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Optional Mobile Bar Hire

We also provide mobile bar hire, if you'd like to make your event that extra bit more enjoyable for the adults!

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Whether you're planning your dream wedding or a corporate event, we have the right marquee for the job!

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We do not only provide the best quality service in York, we also have the best pricing structure!

We Provide Affordable & Professional

Wedding Marquee Hire

Make the most of your special day and be sure to get a marquee that comfortably fits all your guests and comes along with as many extra features as you’d like to entertain your guests and provide the best experience possible!

Take a look at our exclusive wedding marquee packages to see what’s available for your special day!

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Corporate Marquee Hire

Planning a big event? We have the perfect marquees for the job. Contact us for information on discounts for multiple events.

"What a lovely experience from start to finish. The staff were accommodating and understood that we wanted something unique and personal to us. The marquee was beautiful and really made our day complete"

Anna, York

The wedding day is the only time in your entire life where you just have to make it special. Your significant other and you have just decided to marry each other. With the proposal done and the proud ‘Yes’ hanging in the balance, you set out to plan a date by which all the preparations will be ready.

Wedding preparations can be very exhausting, especially for people who have big wishes. Some people have imagined how their wedding day would look like nearly all their lives. They have thought about the venue, the size and taste of the cake as well as the design of the dress/ suit. There are certain elements that are under your control but if you are on a budget, you might want to think about hiring a marquee to cover the venue.

Elite Marquee specializes in a number of marquee setups. They not only setup marquees and leave them with the perfect décor, but also create special atmospheres according to the specifications you want, down to very scent that you wish there to be at the venue. They have experience in wedding setups in gardens, vineyards, backyards and giant manor lawns. Elite Marquee takes pride in their years of service with specially trained and experienced staff members who understand exactly what you want for your big day. Whatever you dream of in a wedding, they can make it happen from an inspiration to reality.

Traditional Wedding Tents:

The entire basis of the traditional wedding tent design by Elite Marquee is to ensure the inside is airy enough. They have designed the tents specially to let air flow through and to establish a spacious and cool feel. However, customers can ask to close the marquees down in case they wish to install a closed, air conditioned one. It completely depends on the customers specifications.

Elite Marquee also ensures that the tents feel spacious and beautiful. The venue designers over at Elite Marquee consider the inside of the marquee to be their canvas on which they paint a wonderful setting. They help guide the customers in making the right decisions with hundreds of unique ideas that the customers can try from. They have a range of catalogues to choose the right colors with the right flowers, the right cutlery, wine glasses, furniture and much more. They also help you out with the lighting in case the party lasts longer than expected.

Since you already have so many things in mind, they take half of the work off your shoulders so you can focus primarily on the other plans for the wedding. You can pitch in with your ideas and be done with your job because they have the capability and the skillset to execute what you have in mind. Several past customers have of ours have loved the kind of work we have done for them and they recommend us now to relatives and friends.

The entire purpose of decoration is to make the venue as unique as possible, especially when it is near some beautiful scenery. The marquee would have to look at par with the natural beauty of the place and Elite Marquee helps to create that delicate balance.

·      Bar Service:

This service is a must for all those who are willing to pay a little extra to keep their guests happy. Our bar service provides with several drink options as Elite’s sister business is Elite Bars. Elite Marquee therefore offers a free bar with the package which greatly increase the overall mood of the people at the occasion and improves the atmosphere. Imagine everyone having their favorite drink and loosening up for the day/ night before they finally end up dancing on the dance floor. It is a time for celebration so why get left behind?

Our bar handlers are professionally trained individuals who provide a premium bar service. They will pour you a drink with a smile and then keep the tab rolling till you drop.

·      Décor:

Once the place is set, it is time to fill it up with fairy lights along with furniture and clean sheets. Elite Marquee will help to create an ambience you can feel most comfortable in, with linings and frills and fresh flowers that cover the sides. You and your guests will be able to behold the most amazing view indoors.

Corporate Marquee Tents:

Weddings aren’t the only occasions that Elite Marquee specializes at. Companies who wish to take the day off and have a corporate dinner, or charity fund-raiser are welcome to contact us and enjoy the benefits of a premium service. Formal events require a much more refined approach and with a different aesthetic than a wedding. Our designers therefore work with the requirements that the company provides and depending on the type of event it is, we integrate the atmosphere accordingly.

For events that are simpler and only require a roof and some tables such as a beer festival, Elite Marquee helps to provide the best prices in the market. Our number one rule is to provide quality and value to the money you spend on your special occasions. We make sure that the marquee and all the other deliverables are a part of your event being a resounding success.

Pricing Options:

Our pricing details are presented to the customer and ensure everything they could possible wish for is covered under the amounts communicated. There are several pricing packages that we have developed which each customer can avail as it helps to reduce the price. These packages also provide our customers with a preconceived idea that they can then choose to avail or not. If not, the customer is always open to customize their event to their heart’s content as we support you either way. However, customization does come with some additional costs.

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